I have been writing lyrics from a very early age in the school playground and then got more serious with my first band “Last Orders” at the age of 16. I never imagined I would write for other artists… just kind of happened and I love it!

Jérôme Rebotier is one of the first people I met when I arrived in Paris. We often performed together in our respective bands. We started co-writing lyrics in 2005, first for the animation series “Code Lyoko” and then for the films “La Jungle” and “Le Prénom” de Mathieu Delaporte and Alexandre Delapatellière. Our most recent collaboration is on the film “Papa ou Maman”, directed by Martin Bourboulon and the series on M6 as well as “Le Meilleur Reste à Venir” I was also part of Jérôme’s group, “Edgar Novak”, and co-wrote the lyrics for the album “Old Tales From a Beautiful Land”.

Since then I have worked with the singer Myriam Ammous (compositions by Nicolas Robin), and Pascale Salkin. I have also written songs for the group” the 7th Floor” with Guillaume Le Guen, for the sound production company Capitaine Plouf. We have placed our songs on ads for Eau Jeune, Meetic and StudioLine.